Long Range Security Camera and Surveillance Systems

True North Security Group designs and installs long range security camera and surveillance systems for farms, parks and large fields application when a long-range stable connectivity is required. We are here to protect your large facilities or farm through preventative strategies. Other security companies rely on generic Wi-Fi connections, but at TNSG we understand the connectivity challenges in large, open fields and rural areas.

Our outdoor camera systems in Toronto are weather resistant and feature night vision for round the clock monitoring. Our long-range security systems can be set up on both your residential/commercial ISP or on satellite for stable connections at all times.

Long Range Surveillance Toronto

Our long-range security cameras in Toronto have a unique closed-circuit design, which allows you to remotely monitor your farm activities or monitor any large area properties such as parks and fields. We can also use point-to-multi-point links to increase the range of your existing infrastructure. With a signal range of 5-15kms and coverage up to 30 km, we ensure our outdoor security camera installation enhances protection, security and minimizes threats.

Advantages of TNSG Long Range Security Camera and Surveillance Systems

Our long-range security camera and surveillance systems use custom commercial grade satellite antennas for stable connections and monitoring across vast acres of barns, farmland fields, parks, and more. Have peace of mind knowing your livestock, farming equipment, and crops are protected whether you are on-site or are away. Keep your parks and fields protected by being able to monitor live activity even in most remote parts of your Toronto property through our long-distance surveillance systems.

  • High-quality independent network with a throughput of up to 1.95 Gbps and minimal latency
  • Effective utilization of a single-point ISP access connection
    Area coverage reaching up to 30 km
  • Advanced bandwidth prioritization technology for multi-tasking and multi-device functionality
  • Remote troubleshooting and tuning are available
  • High-Definition Image Quality
  • Advanced Night Vision Features
  • Optical Zoom Lens
  • Long-Range Wi-Fi Connectivity

TNSG installs long- range networks and farm security cameras that extend to remote storage facilities and equipment areas. We identify areas that require optimal monitoring. Get a reliable long range network with outdoor camera installation at every gate, along the roads, and around farming equipment to prevent real threats.

Our system allows for remote applications across lakes, parks, and fields to monitor and prevent illicit activity, visitor safety and overall field awareness without having to deploy personnel across large environments.

Get long range farm surveillance cameras installed in both indoor and outdoor spaces, including in barns, in pastures, and along fence lines. Our long-range connectivity solutions allow you to keep an eye on livestock/wildlife at all times. You can check feed levels, spot wildlife threats, and catch illnesses in livestock before they progress too far.

Monitor your premises with a real time farm security CCTV system utilizing a stable long-range wireless network to ensure the healthy growth of your crops. Identify pests, diseases, and animal activity in seconds rather than hours. When you can look at your crops remotely, you can find and address concerns early on to minimize losses and maximize your yields.

How Do Long Range Surveillance Cameras Work?

Our process is simple and can be outlined in just four points:

  • We visit your farm or open field property and determine the areas that require long-range farm/park security surveillance and wireless network.
  • Get a free quote with our proactive farm security solutions.
  • We schedule a date and time to begin the installation process.
  • We arrive on-time to install and equip you with an advanced long-range farm/park security system.

Securing Your Livestock with Modern Long-Range Surveillance Cameras

TNSG offers versatile farm security systems that work for you and your property. We never cut corners and we understand the importance of first-rate and cost-effective security solutions. Customer relationships are our top-priority and we highlight that through our personalized service, product warranties, and professional installation.

Create a Safe Network Security System

Effective security and surveillance shouldn’t be limited by location. Installing farm or recreational park security cameras with extended-range is an easy solution we can provide to help you watch over your entire property. Contact TNSG to schedule an on-site visit and start the process of enhancing your farm’s security.

We design and install reliable, cost effective long distance surveillance for a variety of properties including:

  • Farms/Barns
  • Fields/Forest/Estate
  • Recreational Parks
  • Entertainment and Water Venues/Parks with Large Ground Coverage
  • Large Parking Facilities
  • Large Storage Facilities
  • Automotive/Heavy Machinery Storage Yards

TNSG installs long-range CCTV camera systems in Toronto and the GTA that can be integrated to commercial grade access control systems. We can connect our systems with existing gate/door operator access and integrate AI functionality to support overall facility operations with high demand for security, safety, and organizational efficiency. Contact the team at TNSG to schedule a discovery session with our solutions designers.

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